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Lennon Insurance Agency has been providing condo insurance to Winchester, MA residents for over 80 years. If you are looking for affordable condo insurance for your Winchester Massachusetts condo, please call Lennon Insurance Agency and we will be glad to provide you a quote.  

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Condo Associations have a Master Policy. This policy is often funded by association fees assessed to the unit owners.  This policy covers such things as common walkways, hallways, boilers, elevators, the roof and basement for physical damage and liability.A common misconception among Condo owners is that this insurance, which covers their building, also completely covers them. This is not so. A separate Unit Owner's Policy, or an HO6 policy, is needed to cover personal belongings and to provide the individual unit owner with personal liability coverage. For example; if the unit is burglarized, damaged by fire, or a guest injures themselves inside the apartment, the separate policy kicks in to protect the unit owner.

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